As a student at the University of Dundee, Zane Powell found the job seeking process to be extremely difficult and dull. Seeing an opportunity to shake up student recruitment, he partnered with Lewis Pour (Glasgow Caledonian University) to bring to life a solution they called UniJobApp. UniJobApp is an innovative app and website dedicated to helping students and graduates find jobs. Zane and Lewis have already seen success in advance of their mid-2017 launch and have secured an investment package worth £125,000. We spoke with Zane to learn more about UniJobApp and his entrepreneurial journey.

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EC:  Hi Zane, tell us more about UniJobApp!

ZP: UniJobApp is an innovative, disruptive “tinder-style” graduate/student recruitment app (IOS/Android) and website. We allow users to swipe through job adverts created by companies looking to employ students from college level all the way to graduates. Equally, Employers can swipe through user profiles, inviting the best candidates to live jobs.

EC:  How did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

ZP: I have always been an ambitious person and before university I was a professional football player. When my football career did not work out I wanted to try my hand at others things. Watching TV shows like the apprentice and seeing all the self-made business people on YouTube really motivated me to pursue my goals. I noticed how boring and difficult looking for a job as a student could be and I had my own ideas on how I could improve this process, so I decided to pursue things.

EC:  What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

ZP: Our biggest challenge has been for us to believe in ourselves, over and over again. Sometimes things do not go your way and you can question the whole process but you just need to remind yourself building something from scratch is a tough process.

Registering the company was the easiest part. Creating the business plans, carrying out research and continuing your degree was much harder. It is a challenging process but I believe anyone with enough determination can do it. Although it can be difficult at times, it is extremely rewarding when you make progress and see things coming together.

EC: What is your ambition for UniJobApp?

ZP: Our ambition is to establish ourselves in Scotland as the number 1 student and graduate recruitment website. In ten years we hoped to have emerged as a market leader in the UK for graduate and student recruitment. By this time we would hope to have scaled into other European and English speaking countries as well.

EC: Do you have any advice for budding student entrepreneurs?

ZP: If you have an idea that keeps sticking in your head then go for it. Do not let other people put you off because 90% of people will try talk you out of it.  Also, just because you have competitors it does not mean you cannot make a success of your business – competition is healthy and it is all around us.

EC: How has Enterprise Campus helped you?

ZP: In addition to funding, Enterprise Campus has provided us with key contacts which are now integral to our business development and marketing phase.