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An Enterprise Campus Update

For the past three years Enterprise Campus has helped postgraduates across Scotland to realise their entrepreneurial potential. Its three hub universities (Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Strathclyde) have worked closely with 17 partner universities to support over 1800 entrepreneurial students, ultimately leading to the formation of 82 new high-growth businesses in Scotland. You can read about some… Read more »


Aiming to revolutionise testing and analysis services, RAB-Microfluidics is developing cutting edge ‘lab on a chip’ technology to meet real-time testing and analysis need of businesses that depend on heavy machinery. By bringing the lab to the sample – rather than taking the sample to the lab – RAB-Microfluidics is making conventional protocols rapid and mobile. Ultimately its customers are moving from preventative to predictive maintenance – giving them the chance to diagnose early problems in machinery by monitoring the degradation from health indicators in their oils, and save money by doing so.

Entrepreneurial Masterclasses

  IP, crowdfunding, contracts, brand development, building a team and funding – things that every entrepreneur should know about – and that’s why legal experts Harper Macleod are holding a series of business law masterclasses between March and June. If any of the workshops below are of interest, please click here to book your free… Read more »


When Zane Powell graduated from the University of Dundee, he found the job seeking process to be extremely difficult and dull. Seeing an opportunity to shake up student recruitment, he partnered with Lewis Pour (Glasgow Caledonian University) to bring to life a solution they called UniJobApp. UniJobApp is an innovative app and website dedicated to helping students and graduates find jobs. Zane and Lewis have already seen success in advance of their mid-2017 launch and have secured an investment package worth £125,000. We spoke with Zane to learn more about UniJobApp and his entrepreneurial journey.


Anyone who has ever moved to a new city knows that it can take a while to feel like a local. Nicole Blyth knows firsthand how stressful and intimidating it can be to relocate, as her family had to move house five times in two years. Upon graduating with her MSc from Robert Gordon University, Nicole decided to develop a new social platform that brings local businesses and new residents together. We spoke to Nicole about her experience in founding her business.


INTRODUCING ENTERPRISE CAMPUS’ NEW LEGAL HELPLINE We know that you don’t always have time to take a few hours out your day for a “quick” meeting, so that’s why we’re introducing our advice helplines. To kick start this idea, we’ve teamed up with law firm Harper Macleod, and introduced our new Legal@ service, which means… Read more »


It seems like in the world we live in today, everywhere you look there is a new business coming up. Millennials are starting up businesses at a faster rate than any generation before them. Sadly, 90% of these companies fail within 2-5 years due to various reasons such as lack of finance, poor management team, expanding too soon etc. All these factors and more can be summarized into one single issue: a lack of adequate insight and experience to grow and sustain as a business.

SICSA DEMOfest 2016: FREE Registration extended

REGISTER HERE FOR FREE BEFORE 4th NOVEMBER Organisers have extended the deadline so there is still time to register for DEMOfest 2016! The event will be bigger and better than ever this year, taking place at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre on Friday 11th November 2016, from 4-7pm. Why Attend? DEMOfest creates an… Read more »

Scoop Analytics

These days there are a variety of news outlets bombarding you with ‘Breaking News’ that may or may not be timely, relevant to your interests or pertinent to your location. And when you ARE looking for breaking news, you are often sifting through various sources to find exactly what you’re looking for. Scoop Analytics provides a solution to those two problems by identifying breaking news, before it breaks.


For most of us, using computers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets is just a part of everyday life. Things that make our daily goings on quicker and easier, and ultimately just make it simpler to get things done. The problem is, not everyone is au fait with the digital world, but Surakat Kudehinbu is trying to change that after setting up his company e-LIT.