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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? The aim of this bootcamp is to help you understand basic business principles so that you can start being your own boss. This exclusive two-day start-up workshop is for postgraduate students or alumni (up to 2 years) studying at any Scottish University.

In one day, we will take you from a back-of-the-envelope business idea to a full-fledged elevator pitch, ensuring you stop along the way to:

  1. Speak to some of your prospective customers.
  2. Identify your business model and iterate it based on customer feedback.
  3. Launch the beginning of your start-up marketing strategy.
  4. Meet some experienced entrepreneurs and hear their success stories.

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Where: Uni of Edinburgh, St Leonard’s Land, Room 3.15
When: 14/10/16
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Where: TBC
When: 06/02/16
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